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Welcome to The Warstomping Grounds! I started this blog/podcast to try and blend 2 of my favorite hobbies- computers and World of Warcraft.  I have no training or educational background in computers and my WoW skills are probably somewhere between Expert and Grand Master ;P

I currently have 2 level 85’s- Quahepok, my main, is a level 85 Resto Shaman, and Eyore is a Resto Druid.  I thoroughly enjoy the healing spec and am currently leveling both a Paladin (Styckit-L63) and a Priest (Ghoo-L35).  All 4 of them are Tauren (now the blog title makes a little more sense, eh). Healers are the unsung heroes of WoW, when we save the day no one but us knows, if the group fails, we get blamed, so I suppose I’m a bit of a masochist.  I’ve also noticed what seems to be a disproportionate number of healers doing blogs and pods, but that may just be due to the fact that most of the info I seek is healer-centric.

Outside of WoW, I am a husband, father of three crazies (16, 7, and 4 as of Aug. 2011) and a working dog- read skilled laborer.  My body is so attuned to my work, it requires very little direction or attention from my brain, so I can fill my earholes with music and podcasts all day long. I’m trying to get some buddies together to do a music podcast highlighting local bands and musicians (SF bay area) you can bet I’ll link it if I can get their lazy asses rolling.  (they’ll probably read this at some point- get off your lazy asses!) (there should be a better plural form of the word ass, it deserves something with a little more panache- asz (that’s it, asz, the plural of ass)

Also, I used to write a lot, and I’m hoping to jumpstart that sector of my brain and do some more writing, recently submitted a short story to some literary magazines, already received 3 rejections, if that doesn’t work out you may see it here someday.

oh yeah, that’s my dog.

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